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Thank you for visiting is a free information site with one purpose in mind – to help you save money. If you are a UK home owner looking for cheap house insurance but can't face trawling across the internet to find the best deal? Then our home insurance comparison is for you.

With the UK's top providers offering so many competitive discounts and offers on home contents and buildings insurance, we have conveniently summarised the top level information you need to know to help you make an informed choice. You can apply directly for a home insurance quote from any of the providers featured on our site.

We hope you enjoy using this site and welcome any comments and feedback you may have.

December 2007 goes live! is a new UK information site designed to help you save money. Currently UK home owner's can use our home insurance comparison to help identify and apply for home contents and building insurance that suits them. Over the coming weeks further comparisons will become available through the site including car insurance and a home shopping price comparison tool.

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Are you a car owner and love our home insurance comparison? now features a car insurance comparison


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